BIOAXIS Healthcare helps improve patients' quality of life with SAS Visual Analytics

One of the most critical issues in health today is the non-compliance of patients to medication therapy as recommended by their doctors. As a result, there is an increase in illnesses and hospital admissions. This has a negative impact not only on patients' quality of life but also on the entire healthcare system.

Through the SAS® Visual Analytics product, BIOAXIS Healthcare is better able to offer solutions to the aforementioned problem, given that it delivers timely & efficient client data analysis & reporting capabilities, facilitating a greater understanding of the patient environment & any associated issues, thereby allowing companies the opportunity to take timely preventative measures.

The software has a user-friendly environment, which offers the BIOAXIS Healthcare team the ability to analyze the data generated within seconds & to present meaningful reports to its clients online & across devices (iPad & Android tablets).

For BIOAXIS Healthcare, SAS® Visual Analytics represents a strategic investment, as the product allows the company to respond to the dynamic demands of the healthcare industry by improving its service provision in a meaningful way that adds value to its clients. The benefits primarily include the improvement of patient health outcomes given that this tool allows BIOAXIS Healthcare to monitor their therapy more effectively, ensuring greater compliance levels.

BIOAXIS Healthcare aims to expand its use of SAS® Visual Analytics across further company functions, as it has the capability for other types of business reports & functionalities, including complicated data analyses & simulations, among others.

Mr. Vassilis Triantopoulos, CEO of BIOAXIS Healthcare Hellas said, "One of the most important areas in which the company is investing is that of health information systems, & more specifically the in-depth analysis of data. The information that we will be able to receive from such business intelligence technologies will help us in bettering the lives of our patients &, by consequence, in reducing the financial burden on the healthcare system. We selected SAS® Visual Analytics for the high level of data analysis & reporting capability that it offers in a simple, user-friendly interface environment."

Mr. Nikos Peppas, Country Manager of SAS Greece, Cyprus & Bulgaria emphasized: "We are pleased that a dynamic company like BIOAXIS Healthcare, which operates in a growing health market, is joining the SAS family. The BIOAXIS Healthcare philosophy of offering modern & advanced healthcare services can now be realized faster & more effectively through the use of innovative technology solutions like SAS Visual Analytics, with the goal of achieving optimum care for patients.".

The strengths of SAS' capabilities has been recognized worldwide, with hundreds of companies already adopting the technology, including: Generali Hellas, INTEGRIS Health, Biogrid Australia, Taipei Medical University, Telecom Italia, Contact Lab Italia, CSI Piemonte Italia, Meta Finanz, Fraport, Credit Reform, Lenovo, The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Eura Max Coated Products, Metafinanz, Habermaass GmbH, Itzehoer Insurance, OMV Energy, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Pole Emploi, Groupe Berri, Esilor International, and more.

For further information, please refer to the following white paper: Capitalizing on the Power of Big Data for Healthcare, which outlines how high-performance analytics give rise to a new era in the health industry.

BIOAXIS Healthcare is the largest company offering patient management & support services in Greece. It is the only company that offers certified cold-chain drug delivery & logistics services to its clients in accordance with the strictest GDP guidelines. BIOAXIS Healthcare consistently manages & supports thousands of patients every year Greece-wide on behalf of leading pharmaceutical companies.

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