Quality and Compliance

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a comprehensive & structured approach to organisational management that seeks to improve the quality of the services that BIOAXIS Healthcare’s provides, through ongoing refinements that are made in response to continual stakeholder feedback.

BIOAXIS Healthcare is certified by TUV Hessen with the established standards, ISO9001:2008 & the Information Security Management System ISO27001:2005 (currently under development).


TQM plays an important role in BIOAXIS Healthcare's operations. The company's operations & procedures are continuously monitored by Internal as well as External Audits in order to ensure the high quality of the services offered.

Due to the sensitivity of the patient’s personal data, all BIOAXIS Healthcare operations function in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation that is valid at both the European & local level. Special licenses are held in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Authorities, regarding the management of the patient’s private & sensitive data.

All operations and procedures adhere to both the EU & local regulatory environments for Pharmacovigilance. BIOAXIS Healthcare staff is especially trained on matters related to Pharmacovigilance requirements on their induction into the BIOAXIS team.

The company upholds and implements SDV (Source Data Verification) procedures for all critical company functions including pharmacovigilance, legal compliance and quality control.

About us

BIOAXIS Healthcare, an IQVIA business, aspires to drive patient management globally, offering premium quality integrated & extensive patient support solutions &…
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