Therapy Continuity Management

Promoting therapy sustainability

Patient Support & Adherence Programs

Patient Support Programs (PSP) positively impact therapy continuity & health outcomes given their direct influence on patient adherence. With the ultimate aim of promoting wellness, BIOAXIS Healthcare leverages its extensive experience & innovation to deliver high-quality patient management solutions that improve patients' quality of life.

In order to do so, a custom designed Patient Compliance Protocol (PCP) is developed to optimize the implementation of each PSP. The protocol is developed in collaboration with clients & consists of all the essential patient adherence programme actions, allowing for strict programme supervision.

The PCP's implementation is supported by an automated management information system with the capacity for analytic reporting in order to monitor the success of every PSP. In this way, the PCP provides accurate, round the clock live patient data.

Each PCP is customised to client, patient & program requirements, & designed to achieve specifically defined results.

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