Supporting hospitals

to continue their patients' healthcare even once they have gone home.


Many times, patients are expected to continue some form of therapy at home to optimize their recovery. BIOAXIS Healthcare offers a range of services that cater for continued healthcare at home. The company acts as an outsourced home healthcare provider on behalf of hospitals &/or healthcare clinics.

These services are offered with the aim of promoting & meeting therapy requirements until its completion & good health is restored or the patient's quality of life is optimized. 

BIOAXIS Healthcare’s disease management programmes are designed to monitor the health of patients with specific chronic conditions, reduce the frequency of healthcare service use and cut the costs associated with avoidable complications such as emergency room visits and hospitalisation.

BIOAXIS Healthcare‘s patient adherence and disease management programmes can also be applied within a hospital or clinic environment. Ensuring patient safety and healthcare quality while running complex and large-scale programmes is challenging enough; so BIOAXIS provides a variety of services that can work in conjunction with treatments and take the administration burden away from the patient.

The Healthcare Call Centre service improves and facilitates all visits or prescription-related administrative work between patient and hospital while ensuring that patients absorb and follow all therapy requirements and physicians’ guidelines.

These services complement hospital care following the patient's release & until their therapy's completion, consequently reducing any avoidable hospital burden. These services ensure that appropriate healthcare is sustained even after the patient is released from hospital care.

BIOAXIS Healthcare, through its know-how, experience & nurse network, can support a wide range of healthcare organizations from a small healthcare clinic to a large hospital organisation.

Relevant service categories include:


Home Nursing

BIOAXIS Healthcare boasts an extensive network of certified nurses, who undergo specific patient adherence training seminars at the onset of every PSP.

Medication delivery & reminder services

BIOAXIS Healthcare successfully launched the first-ever Drug Refill centre for Greece & the surrounding Balkan region.

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