Medication delivery & reminder services

The centre implements & manages cold chain (2°-8°, 15°-25° & 2°-25°) drug delivery & logistics services.

With its many years of experience in the handling & delivery of drugs to patients, the company took the decision to establish the first-ever Drug Refill Centre in the Balkans, deeming it a prototype for the region. Drug Refill has since become an integral part of each Patient Support Program recommendation where, among the key objectives, is the delivery of prescribed medications to the patient's home.

The Drug Refill Centre fulfills all the criteria for the correct & safe distribution of drugs in accordance with the latest European GDP Guidelines as well as TUV's ISO9001:2008 certification.

The Drug Refill Centre includes:

  • logistics systems for orthodox & secure drug packaging,
  • automated procedure & temperature-control checkpoints,
  • security systems & system functional audits,
  • information systems & monitoring of the same,
  • disaster recovery & traceability procedures, among others.

Drug Refill procedures are designed on a case by case basis, in accordance with each specific PCP protocol requiring logistics operations. It is a very demanding, regulated & complex service, which offers ever greater value to our clients through the service it offers.

Patients benefit since they now have the convenience of contacting BIOAXIS Healthcare for their medication refill & then having their medication delivered directly to their doorstep.

In addition, to ensure that medication requirements as dictated by the doctor prescription are honored a medication reminder service is available.

“Medicines won’t work if you don’t take them”

That simple truth isn’t enough though. That’s why BIOAXIS Healthcare offers four types of patient medication reminder schedule, each tailor-made to each product. No more memory lapses, vastly increased prescription adherence.

Personalised reminder services, including:
  • outbound/ inbound calls
  • Interactive Voice Response (listen to the demo here) {mp3}prescription_refill{/mp3}
  • SMS
  • email
  • automated response (listen to the demo here) {mp3}drvr{/mp3}
  • personal calls.

Now you can maximize your patient compliance levels with medication reminders that adjust to your product’s needs. With reminders selected to suit their lifestyle, your patients’ wellbeing is improved with minimal disruption.

You can apply these services in any combination to any number of patients on an international scale. What’s more, BIOAXIS Healthcare’s software can also create a personal reinforcement plan for each and every individual patient to create real interaction and engagement.

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