e-Health Solutions

We offer specialised tools that generate valuable insights for clients and key stakeholders.

e-Health Solutions

Today in the era of technology & premium customer service, identifying the most appropriate patients for whom an intervention is appropriate is critical to the delivery of a cost-effective health system.

Risk Stratification tools can assist healthcare professionals in this assessment by identifying individuals who are likely to be high service users in the future & therefore will benefit from pro-active disease management & preventative services now.

Through the process of 'case-finding' patients can be referred to services that are appropriate for their condition(s) & personalised care can be delivered to agreed clinical standards & protocols.

Risk stratification can also be employed to assess the future healthcare needs of a population, & therefore can inform the planning of healthcare services. Subsequent scenario planning based on these predicted healthcare needs can inform the allocation of healthcare resources to ensure that the objectives of the healthcare system are achieved both efficiently & effectively.

Having developed customized software with credible technology partners BIOAXIS Healthcare provides specialized interfaces for doctors & clients giving them the insights that guide their strategic decisions.

Our e-Health solutions include:


Biosoft is a unique web-based software product custom designed for healthcare professionals. This tool has been especially designed to aid doctors in their day-to-day patient management tasks & filing requirements. The software meets international standards for medical data security & integrity while also responding to doctors' need for a user-friendly, well-organized & practical interface. The software is compatible across different systems (HL7,XML). To find more please press here.


Our Patient Data Analytics (PDA) software is a web-based software product offered to our clients. Data visualization providing clear business &/or patient insights, easy to use via drag & drop interactions, compatibility with other programs allowing for database merging, mobile & fast. This system helps BIOAXIS Healthcare's clients track therapy outcomes & patient management results. To find more please press here.

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