Home Nursing

Today, in our countries of operation many thousands house visits are achieved annually. This service if elected can be offered to patients & is recommended as a core part of every PSP program.

Home nursing is preferred in many circumstances, ranging from people who are temporarily incapacitated to people who require long-term nursing care at home. The level & frequency of care involved in home nursing is tailored to the needs of the patient. The patient is the overall beneficiary as evidence shows that patients recover more quickly in the comfort of their own home environment.

Home nursing services are offered to both patients & their caregivers (e.g. family members) in the comfort of their own homes, with the aim of promoting & meeting therapy requirements until its completion.

BIOAXIS Healthcare has a large network of highly skilled nurses, dedicated to delivering special care every day. In many cases patients require home nursing care, ranging from people who are temporarily incapacitated to people whose illness call for professional looking after and interventions at home.
With the most innovative technology and know-how, BIOAXIS Healthcare's nurses offer nursing care to patients and considerable support, training and education to caregivers. Through the dedicated home nursing department, patients have easy access to BIOAXIS Healthcare’s call centre in order to enabling them to request this  nursing care service at their home environment without any further trouble and cost.

The four (4) key objectives include the:

  • Promotion & development of the appropriate, efficient support systems.
  • Promotion of sufficient & effective care to patients that have a significant illness or physical condition.
  • Training & support to family members regarding the condition, its treatment and/or its prevention.
  • Strengthening of family relations living with the condition by promoting a healthy environment for addressing & treating the same.

Home nursing services ensure that appropriate healthcare is sustained. It is performed & evaluated by certified, trained nurses. BIOAXIS Healthcare through its know-how, experience & nurse network can support a wide range of healthcare organizations from a small healthcare clinic to a large hospital organisation.

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